How ‘Bout Them Apples?

For some reason that I can’t understand, B calls my breasts apples. He also refers to his knee as a leg elbow. It’s no secret among those who’ve met me that my ‘apples’ are large (ironically I graduated high school an A cup). I’m a small framed person and it’s been frustrating to find bras and clothing. A year or so before I got pregnant, I went to Chicago and stopped at the Intimacy store at 900 Michigan (this is the chain that’s been featured on What Not to Wear for bra fittings). I walked out of there with some fabulous fitting bras, and quite shocked at my sizing – UK 32G (or US DDDD).

After that, I would try to pick up a new bra when I was visiting Chicago, or I would order online from I don’t even remember how I found them, but I was so grateful for them. Especially when it came time to find a J cup nursing bra. Ha! It’s still frustrating to not be able to just pop over to the mall and try on a bunch of bras when I want something new, but this is just how my life is.

Even after I quit nursing the apples decided to stay. Over the last year I’ve dropped quite a bit of weight and while my cup didn’t change a lot, my band did. It’s been time to get new bras, but I’ve been putting it off. I finally stumbled across a little bra fitting shop here in my own town. She has limited hours and you need an appointment, but I got in there. She carries the brands that I’ve been wearing, but mainly the simply (aka boring) styles. Whatever. They’re functional. I walked out with 2 new everyday bras and a new sports bra. She also offered to order anything that I’d like if I can find it in a catalog. Yay!

Looks like these apples are going to be around, at least until we decide that for sure there’s not a kiddo #2 and I get a reduction.

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