How to Control the Clutter?

Our house isn’t very big or fancy, but it suits us just fine. Generally. Ever since we moved in, there is one thing that drives me crazy.

Where to put coats.

I know. It seems so basic. But here’s the deal. We come in through the garage. That door opens into the kitchen. There’s a closet right there, but we use it as our pantry. I’ve managed to create a little spot to put shoes, but not coats, backpacks, etc..


Then, you’re in the kitchen. The major dumping ground has become our dining room table and any open floor space near there.

Dining Room

There is a coat closet by the front door, but you have to go through the kitchen, dining room, and living room to get to it. And let’s face it: 3 year olds won’t do that. So I deal with coats on chairs until company comes over and I jam them into a closet.

What do you do to keep coats, backpacks, and all the other daily use ‘stuff’ organized?

2 Responses to “How to Control the Clutter?”

  • We struggle with this too. I’ve managed to get MH to start putting stuff on the basement landing, so at least it’s mostly out of sight.

  • Is there somewhere you can put hooks right before people go into the kitchen? In the garage on a wall? I’ve seen people do that and it seems to help.

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