May 30, 2003

10 years ago there was a young engaged couple. They were starting to plan their wedding when he got sick and was in the hospital for nearly a week. Diagnosis? Crohn’s Disease. Treatment? Expensive name brand prescription medication. Problem? He was working as an intern without insurance benefits or sick leave because the company was on a hiring freeze. What were they to do?

But wait! She had a job with insurance benefits. So off they went with two witnesses to the Justice of the Peace and got married so that he could have insurance and they could move on.

No rings were exchanged, no names were changed, but it was their start.

Happy ‘anniversary’ K!

Centreville 001

Centreville 002

Centreville 003

PS – for those who are wondering, the anniversary we celebrate is that from our church ceremony the following year where all our family and friends were present and I wore a dress :)

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