Morning Routine

My friend Amber (who has the most adorable kids ever!) posted pictures the other day showing her morning routine, from wake up to out the door. I thought it was a cool idea so I’m totally stealing it. Here we go!

My morning starts with B coming in and putting his face in mine and telling me that it’s time to get up. No pictures of this because I’m way too incoherent at that point. I help him get dressed and get him breakfast and turn PBS Kids on. Then it’s time for me to get ready.

First things first.


Okay. Time to see what we have to work with today.

Bedhead 2


Not too bad. Lets put on some clothes and brush it out while I contemplate what to do with it.

Photobomb from the kiddo who likes to poop in my bathroom

Photobomb from the kiddo who likes to poop in my bathroom

Today is a non-wash day, so I can pull it back or leave it down. When I pull it back, I use a set of Goody spin pins. Love those things!

Pulled back 1

Pulled back 2

The other option is to hit it with the straightener for a quick touch up. I think that’s the route we’ll go today.


Back to the kitchen. Step over the ‘gate’ B has built while I was getting ready.


Make breakfast. I was doing chocolate for a while, but I’m back to the greenberry right now. Mix it with water, almond milk, and a splash of OJ. Love it!


Time to get B convinced that he won’t die if he wears shoes to school, herd him into the car, and we’re off to school!

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