After lots and lots of thought and involvement, we’re making some changes that will hopefully be for the better for B. This year school has been a challenge for us. I’ve been feeling unsettled in his classroom for quite a while, and some recent comments just confirmed to me that we need a fresh start in a new room. I met with our head of school who told me they had a student placement team evaluating B to see where he would fit well, and they consulted with his OT and counselor after I spoke with both of them as well. (Side note: advocating for your kid is exhausting!) Finally, I got the decision yesterday on what his new classroom will be for this fall, and I think it will be a good fit for him. Time will tell.

He’s having allergy testing at the end of the month and we’ve decided to stop his allergy meds earlier than needed to see if that will change his recent behavior at all. Since we added a second med, he’s been very difficult and acting different than ever before. From the reading I did online, this can be a known effect with some kids on this medication. Interesting.

Tomorrow is the last official day of the school year. B will be back there this summer for the day camp program, but that’s pretty laid back and is essentially playing outside as much as possible. It’s been a bumpy ride, but we made it through the first year. How many more to go??? 😉

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  • My oldest loves school but asks me every day how many more years she has. (She also says she wants to be a doctor, so there’s that…)

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